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MoMi is Here

Where are you? MoMi wants to be there. MoMi is just a phone call away. At MoMi we aim to be as accessible as possible to our audience, providing high-quality content and high-quality products as efficiently and as affordably as possible!

MoMi is Now

MoMi is a new twist on a classic idea. MoMi takes the luxury of a department store, the comfort of a therapeutic chat with the gals, and the immediacy of ground-breaking digital technologies, throws them into a blender and purees them into a fresh, fun, and fabulous fruit smoothie!

MoMi is You

MoMi wouldn’t be the same without You! You make MoMi what it is! Whether you are a viewer, a consumer, or a brand representative, we here at MoMi bend over backwards looking to make sure you are as happy and as healthy as possible. We strive tirelessly to fulfill our corporate motto: “All You Will Ever Need is MoMi!”

MoMi TV is the lifestyle and media brand, shopping channel, and corporate sponsor of Peg & Deb, the Two Divorced Moms.

Peg & Deb are best gal pals who started their entrepreneurial friendship in 2016 with a post-divorce doozy of a talk show, exorcising relationship demons and karaoke fever over a few bottles of moscato. 

They have since brought their tried-and-true talk show format to adoring live audiences, now available everywhere via MoMi TV.

Peg & Deb are currently in production for their 2021 premiere of a live MoMi TV Home Shopping channel.

MoMi TV is generously supported by the Satellite Fund, which is administered by SPACES and funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Program, with additional production support from Maelstrom Collaborative Arts and viewers like you!