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The Talk Show: LIVE!

...On today’s special LIVE episode, Peg & Deb discuss the presidential election, hobbies during quarantine, and feature a new exclusive product for MoMi TV

The Karen Kerfuffle

...On today’s episode, Peg & Deb confront the hard-hitting topic of Karen-ness, and cope with how the year 2020 just hasn’t gone as planned.

Gal-Entine’s Day

...On today’s live talk show, it’s all about the gal pals!

Who doesn’t love learning how to cook a dinner for one, battle your inner-tapeworm, and make it through an ambien-induced fever dream on Valentine’s Day?

Filmed in front of a live studio audience
Shot & Edited by Taylor Page

Peg & Deb : The Two Divorced Moms, The Talk Show!
Pilot Episode

Filmed and Edited by Peg, 2018

Gal-Entine’s Day Teaser

Edited by Taylor Page